Ice Cube Shilling for Coors; Harry & David Try to Get Their Groove Back

• Former St. Ides shill Ice Cube is going to do a commercial for Coors in which the rapper stares down a group of beers to see which is the coldest. [Hip Hop DX]

• Harry & David, which filed for Chapter 11 yesterday, can bounce back by nixing the weird, dark stores and perennial discounts and embracing social media, local growers, and “cool” brands, say brand experts. So is a Harry & David–Momofuku collaboration up next? [USAT]

• March 31st will find different celebrations across the city for the birthday of Cesar E. Chavez, the civil rights activist who lead a non-violent fight for the rights of California’s farm workers. [Hermosa Beach Patch]

• Downtown is awash in craft beer suds right now, with emerging bars and breweries making an impact in the recent hub of our cocktail revival. [L.A. Downtown News]

• Air-popped popcorn is a relatively healthy 250-calorie snack, The L.A. Times argues, right before movie theaters turn it into a fatty 1,000 calorie tub of grease. [LAT]

• The recent controversy over energy drinks reminds us that we don’t really know whether and how much caffeine is unhealthy, despite a century of studies. Eh, pass the coffee. [NYT]

• Pasadena Restaurant Week kicked off yesterday, so go get ‘em guys! [LAist]

• If you’ve ever been curious about what’s served at Subway in India, here’s a slide show of the chicken tikka sub and other offerings. From the looks of it, they even use real lettuce, not that weird shredded stuff! [NRN]

Ice Cube Shilling for Coors; Harry & David Try to Get Their Groove Back