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How to Survive Eating Everything at In-N-Out

One Sausalito In-N-Out employee and one hungry, hungry hamburger blogger shared a moment this week when both of them realized they were having just about “the coolest day” ever at work. The feel-good action began when A Hamburger Today blogger J. Kenji Lopez-Alt decided to order and document everything available at a nearby In-N-Out, not just the burgers and fries, and not just the secret menu that not-so-secretly appears on In-N-Out’s website, but every and all variations to be found here. The high-hued burger pics are pretty awesome in this In-N-Out Secret Menu Survival Guide, but it’s the super-specific orders and strange variations that have us eagerly eying the clock for the lunchtime bell. What did we learn?

At In-N-Out, you can get a burger with nothing but a beef patty on un-toasted bread or a grilled cheese on a hamburger bun or even a vegetarian burger with everything but the meat. There’s also a counterpart to the latter a patty that just uses lettuce leaves for buns. And of course, for the original Double Down-style indulgence, you can get your burger Flying Dutchman-style, with two beef patties sandwiching two slices of cheese, which can also be done in an insane animal-style arrangement.

Check out all the tiny chilis, Neapolitan shakes, root beer floats, and other stuff you didn’t know In-N-Out carried over on AHT’s slideshow. Sadly, you will have to make your own fry burger, but they at least give you the supplies to get started.

The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide [Serious Eats/AHT via Midtown Lunch]

How to Survive Eating Everything at In-N-Out