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How Matt Brimer Makes Those ‘Butter Burgers’ at Maverick

We mentioned the other day how Matt Brimer, the newish chef de cuisine at Maverick, is starting a Tuesday deal next week involving “butter burgers.” It seems many of us were intrigued. Thrillist went so far as to shoot a video showing how Brimer grinds his beef chuck along with whole sticks of butter, sous-vides it, then sears up these awesomely fatty things and serves them on a buttery homemade English muffin with smoked Gouda and “Martini” mayo — made with juniper oil, olives, and vermouth. The only part we don’t understand is why he will only make seventeen of them on any given Tuesday, first come first serve. That, we say, is just going to set off an unhealthy level of ravenous elbow-shoving for this unhealthy delight. See for yourself.


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17 on 17th at Maverick [Thrillist]

How Matt Brimer Makes Those ‘Butter Burgers’ at Maverick