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How Does Longman & Eagle’s Tiger Blood Cocktail Compare to All the Others Out There?

It didn’t take very long for bartenders to capitalize on Charlie Sheen’s slightly deranged Tiger Blood comments, and create a novelty drink. But we have to admit that it’s kind of astonishing how extensive this trend has become. Multiple bars in New York have versions, as do Sake manufacturers. Even Diddy has his own version! Longman & Eagle is now getting into the spirit, and has just released its variation, which starts with a base of Fighting Cock bourbon, a bit of Carpoano Antica, Pedro Ximenez Solerea 1927, and Bourbon barrel aged bitters to round it out. Though it admittedly sounds delicious, how does this drink differ from the other Tiger Blood cocktails around the country?

Perhaps sensing that Sheen isn’t too picky about his poison, almost every variation of this drink uses a different main spirit. Bourbon, vodka, moonshine, and sake have all been used, and we imagine that there are rum and gin examples out there somewhere. Even the mixers are different. So how can a bartender hope to replicate the distinctive properties of tiger blood?

Well, the most important component — besides ample booze — seems to be something red. Longman & Eagle adds Carpano Antica, Ninth Ward in New York goes for a Maraschino cherry, the TY KU version pours in tomato juice, and the Diddy’s approved drink contains Ciroc Redberry and cranberry juice. So there you go. Now that you know the formula, how about you create your own version and let us know what keeps you winning.

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How Does Longman & Eagle’s Tiger Blood Cocktail Compare to All the Others Out