First Look at Bierhaus, Midtown’s New Bavarian Beer Hall

Forget Mardi Gras, it’s Oktoberfest! Bierhaus, the Bavarian beer hall that the owners of Bull’s Head Tavern and Whiskey River are bringing to the Grand Central area, will open on Thursday with a traditional keg-tapping at 8 p.m. and the music of Alpine Squeeze. We’ve already told you about the bi-level space’s communal tables, skylight, and balcony — now it’s time to take a look inside! After you’ve clicked through the slideshow, check out the extensive menu and the much less extensive beer list (yup, it’s all Hofbräu, all the time).

Beer List
Hofbräu Premium Lager aka The Original (5.2 % Alc. by Volume)
The beer that made Hofbräu famous.
A simple, full flavor lager with a crisp finish. The beer Hofbräuhaus has been famous for since 1589.

Hofbräu Hefe Weizen (5.4 % Alc. by Volume)
Speciality, born in Munich - loved by the world.
Rich, fairly sweet Old-Style wheat beer with a wonderful combination of banana and clove flavors.

Hofbräu Dunkel ( 5.5 % Alc. By Volume)
For centuries Munich’s favorite beer.
Our dark lager. It has a light body, is easy to drink, with simple roasted malt flavor and slight caramel undertones.

Hofbräu Dunkel Weizen ( 5.1 % Alc. By Volume)
This dark variant on Hofbräu Weissbier is refreshment in a deliciously mild form - yeasty and malty

Hofbräu Bock (8.5% Alc. By Volume)
Powerful and aromatic reddish bock beer, deliciously balanced. The success story of Munich’s oldest bock beer goes back as far as 1614. With its powerfully aromatic flavor .

• Bierhaus Pretzel - Haus (large) or Regular Pretzel-both are soft dough. Served with your choice of mustard, sweet or hot. $9/$4
• Bier Cheese - 3 of our Regular soft dough Pretzels and Homemade Bier Cheese Spread. $15
• Potato Pancakes - Potato and onion mix, sauteed to a crisp served with apple horseradish sauce. $9
• Sauerkraut Balls - Lightly battered golden fried sauerkraut and ham. Served with sweet Bavarian mustard. $9
• Bierhaus Cheese Platter - A selection of Bavarian Cheeses served on a platter. $15
• Brotzeit Platter - A selection of cold cuts, smoked meats and sausage served cold on a platter. $18
• Gravlax - Salmon Fillet marinated in a dill cure. Sliced thinly and served with a honey mustard. $15
• Smoked Trout Fillet - Smoked Trout Fillet served cold with a creamed horseradish sauce and Cucumber Salad. $10
• Roasted Bratwurst Plate - Roasted Bratwurst with Sauteed onions and potato salad. $12
• Wilhelm Sampler Platter - Potato Pancakes, Sauerkraut Balls, Wieners, Regular Soft Dough Pretzels, Red Cabbage and Potato Salad. Serves 6-8 people.

• Goulash - Tender pieces of beef marinated in a broth of paprika, onions, celery, carrots and potato. $8.50
• Split Pea - All vegetarian split pea soup served with croutons. $7
• Potato Leek - Creamy leek and potato soup garnish with chives. $7

• Cucumber Salad - Cucumbers marinated in olive oil, white vinegar and garlic. Topped with dill, sliced tomato and our Homemade Sour Cream. $7
• Alpine Salad - Smoked black forest ham with wild rocket leaves, baby endive, red onion, toasted walnuts sweet lemon dressing topped with shaved swiss cheese. $12
• Pear Endive - Sliced winter pears, endive, walnuts, and blue cheese. Served with a sweet pear dressing. $12
• Grilled Portobello Salad - Grilled Portobello Mushrooms served with Spring mix, nicoise olives and balsamic vinaigrette. $13
• Bavarian Beef Salad (Entree) - Thin sliced tender beef served with onions, bell peppers, and tomato. Marinated in a mustard vinegar dressing. Served with potato salad and hard boiled egg. $15
• Beet Salad ( Side Salad) - Roasted red beets served in a horseradish, olive oil, and white vinegar sauce. Garnished with apple slices. $6

SANDWICHES - All Sandwiches and Burgers served on a Kaiser Roll with fries and a dill pickle.
• Pork Schnitzel Sandwich - Breaded fried pork filet served with romaine lettuce, tomato, and herb mayonnaise. $13
• Fried Codfish Sandwich - Breaded fried cod filet served with Romaine lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. $14
• Bratwurst And Pepper Sandwich - Bratwurst with roasted bell peppers, sauteed onions served with sweet mustard. $11
• Bierhaus Grilled Chicken Sandwich - Grilled chicken breast topped with melted Swiss cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon and red onions. ketchup and mustard served on the side. $13

Bierhaus Burger- 10 oz grilled sirloin topped with romaine lettuce, apple-wood smoked bacon, tomato, our homemade bier cheese and fried onions. Mustard and ketchup are served on the side. $15

WURST - All Sausage is served with potato salad, sauerkraut, and your choice of mustard.
• Bratwurst - Roasted $13
• Weisswurst - Boiled $13
• Bauernwurst -Grilled $14
• Käsekrainer- Roasted $13
• Andouille - Grilled $14
• Nüernberger - Roasted $13
• Wiener - Grilled $13
• Wurst Sampler - Bratwurst, Käsekrainer, Andouille, and Bauernwurst Served with Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage and your choice of mustard. $24

• Pork Shank - Slow roasted pork shank served with cracklings, sauerkraut, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, garlic, thyme,parsley and potato salad. Suggested for two. $31
• Wienerschnitzel - Breaded pork fillet, fried and served with potato salad Red cabbage and cucumber salad. $18
• Jägerschnitzel - Breaded pork fillet, fried and topped with a burgundy wine mushroom bacon sauce served with potato salad Red cabbage and cucumber salad. $20 ala Holstein $21
• Fried Cod Schnitzel - Breaded cod filet fried and served with vegetables of the day cucumber salad and tartar sauce. $19
• Three Layer Sauteed Salmon - Sauteed peppered salmon, layered with puff pastry and sauteed spinach in a citrus tarragon sauce. $21
• Sauerbraten - Slow braised beef marinated in wine and vinegar, Served with red cabbage mashed potato and fried onions. $22
• Roast Chicken - Half chicken herb roasted with roasted zucchini ,bell peppers, onion, garlic, parsley and thyme served with our Homemade Spätzle. $16
• Pork Lyonnaise - Thinly sliced pork with sauteed onions in a marjoram herb jus. Served with buttered egg noodles. $
• Bavarian Beef Salad - Thin slice tender beef with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Marinated in a mustard vinegar dressing served with a hard boiled egg and potato salad. $15
• Fried Celery Root - Fried breaded celery root, cucumber salad, potato salad, and vegetables of the day with a tangy tartar sauce. $16
• Cucumber Salad $4
• Potato Salad $4
• Mashed Potato $4
• Braised Red Cabbage $4
• Sauerkraut $3
• Beet Salad $4
• Fried Egg $4
• Spätzle $4
• Fries $4
• Apple Sauce $2

DESSERT - Add a la mode to any dessert for $1.75.
• Bavarian cream - A Bavarian cream custard served in a crisp pastry shell. Topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. $8
• Black Forest Cake - Traditional layered chocolate cake with sweet cream sour cherries and Kirschwasser (Cherry Brandy). $8
• Apple Strudel - Sliced apples, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar , lemon juice , butter and bread crumbs wrapped in a filo dough and baked. $8
• Apricot Crepe - Thin pasty rolled and stuffed with apricot puree, cooked and topped with powdered sugar and Homemade whip cream. $8
• Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe - Thin pastry rolled and stuffed with hazelnut puree, cooked and topped with powdered sugar, Chocolate sauce and our Homemade whip cream. $8
• Vanilla Sundae - Vanilla ice cream served with caramel and chocolate sauce, Homemade whipped cream and topped with a cherry. $8

Bierhaus, 712 Third Ave., nr. 45th St.; 646-580-2437

First Look at Bierhaus, Midtown’s New Bavarian Beer Hall