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Grahamwich Launches New Menu and Pricing Structure

You probably won't recognize many of these.
You probably won’t recognize many of these. Photo: Grahamelliot/Twitpic]

Back in February Graham Elliot promised loads of changes for his popular, if not quite critically adored, sandwich shop Grahamwich. On April 1, he claimed that he’d replace every single sandwich on the menu except the Reuben and grilled cheese. Well, it’s a day early, but the new menu was just released, and he certainly wasn’t joking. Six of the eight sandwiches are new, including a lamb gyro, Waldorf chicken, and a waygu beef. But what is perhaps most interesting about the new menu is how all of these sandwiches will be priced.

Instead of everything costing a standard $10, each sandwich is now priced individually. The most expensive sandwich is still $10, but you can now get a Mediterranean veggie for only $7. Even the price of the grilled cheese, which even Time Out managed to enjoy, has been lowered to $7.

The change in pricing continues with the side dishes. Before, the popcorn and chips were only available for $5. The portions were huge, but it was still an issue if you wanted a small side with your sandwich. The over-sized $5 portion is still available, but now there is also a smaller $3 portion.

But that’s not all! There is apparently more seating available, and there are now delivery and catering options as well. Whew…that’s enough change for now. Why don’t you just check out the revised new menu, and then let us know what you think.

Grahamwich’s New Menu


Grahamwich Launches New Menu and Pricing Structure