Ballad of El Gordo

Gordon Ramsay Seeking Solace in Sunny L.A.

Lingering threats of the Big One almost pale in comparison with the bombshell dropped on Southern California today by England’s The Mirror: Gordon Ramsay is moving to L.A.! The chef is apparently renting an eight-million-dollar Beverly Hills mansion, has applied for visas for his family, and is already calling up the Beckham family for advice on where to put his kids into school. Given that the last few years in England have been rough on Ramsay, this move kind of makes sense.

This past fall, Daily Mail UK reported that Ramsay was seeking solace in the States after basically screwing everything up back home. To refresh your memories, Gordo was sued by half of England, fell out with his family after firing his father-in-law, and can’t show up in NYC without the taxman in hot pursuit.

But here in L.A., Ramsay shoots three successful shows, has a blossoming bro-mance with Becks, enjoys easy access to reconstructive surgeons and hair-transplant doctors, and even has a West Hollywood restaurant, though we doubt he’ll start cooking there (especially if he still hasn’t paid that cleaning bill). But wait, doesn’t Ramsay already live in L.A.?

We sorta thought so. He’s been a perpetual presence here in the last couple of years, test-driving Ducatis, spending family summer vacations here, running the L.A. Marathon, acting snobby in the audience of American Idol, and torturing our struggling restaurateurs at the expense of our diners — his old favorite past-time.

Ramsay’s spokesperson clarifies that while the chef does spend a lot of time in L.A., “Gordon has always stayed in hotels. But his three US shows have been recommissioned and he’ll have to spend more time in the States so it makes sense to rent there. But the UK will always be home.”

In fact, Ramsay is still keeping his West London digs despite the move, meaning we might always have the option of returning him from whence he came. Now who’s going to get the swear jar started over in Beverly Hills?

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Gordon Ramsay Seeking Solace in Sunny L.A.