Get Super Exclusive Italian Wines Through A16 and SPQR’s New Wine Club

Photo: Courtesy of A16

Shelley Lindgren, the Beard Award-nominated owner and wine director of A16 and SPQR, has traveled extensively around Italy and put together wine lists at her two restaurants that highlight little-known producers from hidden corners of the country that would rarely otherwise make it into the U.S. market. After customers were always asking how to find the wines she serves, she’s now decided to launch a wine club with several options so that you can have bottles regularly shipped to you, and you can throw back some more of these hard-to-find vintages in the comfort of your home.

Shelley tells us, among the producers she’ll be looking to highlight first will be: Germano Ettore, Kuenhof, Vestini Campagnano, Bisson, Ippolito 1845, Villa Bucci, Marco Carpinetti, Travaligni, and Venica & Venica.

The options are as follows:

A16 or SPQR monthly wine club ($95 per shipment, 3 bottles/month): Choose between the A16 or SPQR wine club, which bring the flavors of northern (SPQR) or southern (A16) Italy to your home.

• A16 or SPQR bi-monthly wine club ($95 per shipment, 3 bottles with shipments in February, April, June, August, October, and December): Same deal, less frequent.

• A16 & SPQR combo wine club ($95 per shipment, 3 bottles/month): With selections alternating between northern and southern Italian wineries.

Also, Shelley says that in certain months, when an extra special Riserva wine is part of the shipment, the shipment will be decreased to two bottles instead of three. The first shipment will go out April 10, and you can sign up via email or at 805.699.6034.

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Get Super Exclusive Italian Wines Through A16 and SPQR’s New Wine Club