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Frank Mnuk Plans Brigadoon for Mado Space

Frank Mnuk
Frank Mnuk Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Last we heard from Frank Mnuk he had been fired from Pensiero in Evanston after only a month on the job. While it’s never good to lose your position, the owner of Pensiero does have a disturbing history of suddenly firing chefs. That led us to believe that the talented young chef, who made a name for himself at Bistro Bordeaux, probably didn’t deserve the boot and would bounce back with another project soon. But we didn’t quite expect this. Eater broke the news that he’s lining up investors for a new restaurant called Brigadoon in the former Mado space (which had its own set of owner issues). We reached out to Mnuk to see what else we could learn about the project.

While all the details are still not definite at the moment, he claims that he’s hoping to create a “90 seat brasserie/bistro environment in Wicker Park,” and he is looking for investors to help him launch the project. Much like the acclaimed former tenet, Mnuk wants Brigadoon to have a “commitment to using products that are grown, raised or made locally.” No opening date has been decided yet, but we’re still excited to see something happening in the empty space.

Frank Mnuk Hoping to Open Brigadoon in Mado Location [Eater]

Frank Mnuk Plans Brigadoon for Mado Space