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Fort Lauderdale’s Tossed Off To California

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Open season on L.A. restaurant spaces continues for the rest of the nation. From the same sunshine-y state that brought us The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. and Luther Campbell comes Tossed, a sandwich franchise that just signed a deal with a group of L.A. owners, lead by one Kourosh “Chris” Khaleghian, owner of a Johnny Rockets location in Manhattan Beach. What can you expect when Tossed hits our coast?

Tossed traces its roots back to Fort Lauderdale in 1998 and funnily enough, promises to introduce a new part of the country to “gourmet salads and healthy dining alternatives,” something we obviously have already in spades. Tossed specializes in sandwiches with 50 “toss-in” options of super-fresh stuff in between artisan bread and whole wheat crepe wraps, with an entire separate menu dedicated to gluten-free options. In a press release, Khaleghian professes that it was his love for the company’s tossed salads that turned him on to the partnership. Here’s the menu.

The team is currently scouting for a Downtown location (with huge interest, we imagine, in Seventh Street) with plans to open in the “next several months” before branching out to other L.A. locations. So far, the Florida franchise has made it as far as New York, Houston, and Boston, with its eyes set on eventual global domination. If you want to get Tossed yourself, the company website is eagerly seeking more partners.

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Fort Lauderdale’s Tossed Off To California