For Chefs, Tattoos Are The New Bacon … Except More Permanent

Photo: CBH

“Dedicated foodies” are just crazy for tattoos. So says the Globe, which visits Tremont 647 and dubs it the “intersection of culinary and tattoo culture.” Funny, we thought the hub of local tattoo culture was Hampton Beach. Oh, just kidding! More ahead.

Tremont 647 is in the news because the popular South End restaurant just got a makeover, complete with a black-and-white photo installation of food-themed tattoos.

Several local culinarians show skin: Powisset Farm manager Meryl LaTronica bears a beet tattoo, and you’ll also see Jim Buckle of Brookline’s Allandale Farm sporting tattoos of a carrot, a beet, and beans. Kimberly Poulson, pastry sous chef at Post 390, displays a knife-and-whisk “X.”

Meanwhile, in Jamie Bissonnette’s Food & Wine mini-profile today, it’s noted that he’s spent 250 hours getting tattoos, including a ham bone, grapes, and pigs.

Note to those up-and-coming Boston chefs we talked about last week: If you really want to immortalize yourself in this town, consider some body ink.

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For Chefs, Tattoos Are The New Bacon … Except More Permanent