‘Food Terrorism by Mice’; Top Ten Airport Restaurants

• Well, this is disgusting: A Pennsylvania pizza-shop owner is accused of “food terrorism by mice” after he allegedly released the vermin into two competing pie parlors. [NYDN]

• The latest locavorism advocate? New York’s City Council, which held a hearing on a package of bills that would encourage municipal agencies to purchase food grown in state. [NY 1]

• Frommer’s just released its list of the top ten airport restaurants, including Deep Blue Sushi at New York’s JFK and Legal Sea Foods at Boston’s Logan International. We don’t know of anyone choosing their flights based on airport food, but it could happen. [USAT]

• As if there weren’t enough bad news about global food security these days, there’s now a rapidly spreading “wheat rust” disease affecting crops in eastern and southern Africa. [ABC News AU]

• Yo, yo, everyone’s bidding for a 50 percent stake in Yoplait, including General Mills and Nestle. [RTT News]

‘Food Terrorism by Mice’; Top Ten Airport Restaurants