Food Banks Distressed By Bare Shelves; Fresh Diet Driver Carjacked

• Food banks are stressed over the increasingly bare conditions of their shelves, with those in South Glendale’s Salvation Army food bank nearly empty. [Glendale News Press]

• A driver delivering meals for Fresh Diet was carjacked on Monday night in Silver Lake. [KABC]

• Adrien Brody’s newest film, Wrecked, finds the actor eating worms and insects in an attempt to survive being lost in the wilderness. [LAT]

• Every Saturday in April, Chipotle locations in O.C. and L.A. are giving away free children’s meals to promote its new kids menu. [OC Register]

• A French couple following a vegan diet who only gave their baby daughter vitamin-deficient breast milk are being charged in the infant’s death. [Breitbart]

• CNN offers “An Everyman’s Guide to Los Angeles,” which apparently means a trip to The Ivy, the most non-everyman restaurant we could think of. [CNN]

• Now, not just plastic bottles but canned foods are targeted as sources of Bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical linked to various cancers. It’s okay, you just have to avoid canned soup, beans, coconut milk, fish … so, pretty much everything. [Greenspace/LAT]

• Sandra Lee, who’s been all over the news this week, loves talking about raising money to fight hunger, but won’t discuss hunger-fighting funds in the budget of her boyfriend, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. [NYT]

• European Parliament’s talks about banning cloned-animal products collapsed owing to disagreement. So, good news: The next time you’re in Europe you can still get in on that cloned-pig sausage! [NYT]

• A new chemical has been discovered that blocks bitter flavors, leading to this insidious state of affairs: “[F]ood manufacturers are interested in using chemicals that interfere with the taste receptors on the tongue, leaving them temporarily unable to detect unpleasant flavors.” [MSNBC]

Food Banks Distressed By Bare Shelves; Fresh Diet Driver Carjacked