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Nothing’s Going to Stop Christina Aguliera From Boozing at Mozza

When a younger Christina Aguliera declared herself to be “a genie in a bottle,” we hardly suspected said bottle was full of Sangiovese. But these days, the singer has become a little undone, getting arrested last week for public intoxication, while her fella was popped for DUI after both spent a long night drinking wine at Mozza, then attempting to drive home. That might prevent most people from going back and doing the exact same thing, but not Christina.

Us reports that only three days — three days! — after being arrested following her grape-drenched dinner, Aguilera and her man returned to Mozza, quaffed two bottles of red wine, and even refused dessert in lieu of a little more vino. A source tells the magazine, “She acted as if the arrest never happened,” while another so-called friend reports that “she’s nearly fall-down wasted nearly every night.”

Hey, we like wine as much as the next former teen idol, but we do hope the Burlesque star is making healthy choices. At the very least, Aguilera appears to have become a smarter breed of wino in the three days between her now infamous Mozza visits — this time out, she and her boyfriend wisely hired a chauffeur.

Christina Aguilera Got Drunk at Same Eatery 3 Days After Bust [Us]

Nothing’s Going to Stop Christina Aguliera From Boozing at Mozza