Neighborhood Watch

Eva Hosting Grilled Cheese Truck Dinner; Crispy Pig Ears Hit Mar’sel

Beverly Hills: Laurent Quenioux will hold a few pop-ups in the coming weeks while we await word on Bistro LQ’s condition. [Eater]
Calabasas: TourEiffel will close in Old Town at the end of the month. [Eater]
Compton: The city’s Central Fish Market might not have the freshest fish, but it looks a helluva lot cheaper than Santa Monica Seafood. [Squid Ink]

Culver City: Chef Jospeh Mahon and David Haskell, AKA The Magnum Crew, will pop-up again at Royal/T from April 17 - 19 for five, seven, and ten dish tasting menus of French and Japanese-influenced recipes, with proceeds from dinner and a silent auction possibly going to help a chosen restaurant or sake brewery in northern Japan. Reservations at 323-798-4648. [Magnum Crew]
–Big Time Harvey’s is opening on Washington for sandwiches next month form a dude who kinda creepily notes “Soccermom” as his nickname. [Eater]
–Don’t give up hope just yet, Waterloo & City still has plans to open a deli in its rollicking backroom. [Feast]

Hollywood: Delphine releases a brand-new spring menu on April 5th featuring new dishes from chef Sascha Lyon. [Grub Street]
Eva will host The Grilled Cheese Truck on April 5th for different menus of four and five grilled cheeses. The $35 four-course menu features Dave Danhi’s truffled mac and cheese, while the $50 five-course menu promises Mark Gold’s butter poached lobster. The two chefs both worked at Water Grill together back in the day. Reservations at 323-634-0700. [Grub Street]
Angelini Osteria chef Ori Menashe will leave the restaurant at the end of the month to open his own place. He’s hoping to stay in the neighborhood. [Feast]

La Brea Ave.: Sante La Brea will close sometime around April 20th. [Eater]
Palos Verdes: Mar’sel at Terranea has launched a new menu of nine dollar bar bites with maple glazed pork belly banh mi, pheasant terrine, braised short rib arancini, and crispy pig ears. [Grub Street]
West Hollywood: Vintage Enoteca will host bottled pie makers All Jarred Up for a three-night pop-up on April 8th, 9th, and 10th. The $30 price includes three wines paired with three four ounce pies in mason jars. A pop-up store selling more bottled pies will also be set-up. [Grub Street]

Eva Hosting Grilled Cheese Truck Dinner; Crispy Pig Ears Hit Mar’sel