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Ed McFarland Plans Ed’s Lobster Bar ‘Spinoff Concept’ for LES

Photo: Melissa Hom

As fate would have it, that al fresco lobster burger isn’t the only new thing in Ed McFarland’s world — Community Board 3 just released the agenda for its April 11 liquor license meeting and it seems Ed’s Lobster Bar has designs on the Sachiko’s space at 25 Clinton St. McFarland tells us “it’s going to be an offshoot concept of Ed’s Lobster Bar” (hmm, maybe that Italian seafood concept?) but says plans haven’t been finalized, and probably won’t be until after the meeting. After that, he’ll lay low as far as expansion within New York goes, but tells us “I do plan to expand further” — code for: he’ll look to other cities.

Elsewhere on the CB3 agenda, Downtown Dining LLC is aiming to take over the plagued 205 space (meaning that one of the few spots on the Lower East Side with a cabaret license could become a restaurant), Rhong Tiam may open another Express location in the Bia Garden space, Goat Town will try to succeed where its predecessor Butcher Bay gloriously failed and go for full liquor, and an enterprise going by the name of 4AB is aiming to take over the home of Butcher Bay’s sister restaurant Tonda.

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Ed McFarland Plans Ed’s Lobster Bar ‘Spinoff Concept’ for LES