Dublin’s Re-Opens Just in Time To See Some St. Patty’s Day Green

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Dublin’s closed its popular sports bar on Sunset some years ago, then like some sort of magical, non-evil leprechaun, sprung back last summer on Downtown’s Seventh Street, ready for a rebirth that quickly ran right into the path of our health department, who shuttered the Irish pub for some sort of unlicensed addition that probably never would have affected your life. Watching the bar for any signs of life over the ensuing months, we finally figured owners had thrown in their bar towels. Aye, ‘tis not, lads and lasses.

Brigham Yen (apparently a actual dude and not some play on Brigham Young like we’d always thought) announces that the bar is back open and serving Seventh Street, which come to think of it, was really the smart thing to do considering that more green can be made on this corridor than you’re likely to see on March 17th. So finally, we can all rejoice over those three dollar draft beers, even if the website and phone number are still dead and we’re not so certain Provecho alum Raul Martinez stuck around after all this time.

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Dublin’s Re-Opens Just in Time To See Some St. Patty’s Day Green