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Does Newbury Street Think It’s 1994?

What’s up with the proliferation of fro-yo factories on Newbury Street? We remember when frozen yogurt was, like, the coolest creation ever. En Vogue was on the radio, Seinfeld was edgy, and we were still grappling with the fact that Kevin Arnold wasn’t going to be with Winnie Cooper forever. Today’s Herald spotlights a trio of fro-yopenings … and takes us back in time.

Pinkberry’s already well-ensconced. (And a new Harvard Square location launches next week, in an area where it will surely succeed.) But now it has Back Bay competitors: Smoothie King, Berryline, and Tasti D-Lite, all of which will open by May. This is to say nothing of the multitude of ice cream shops already lining the block.

What are these people thinking? Toad the Wet Sprocket is not hot anymore! And Jennifer Aniston is old and bitter! The Herald quotes Boston Restaurant Group’s Charles Perkins warning of a “shakeout in less than a year.” Indeed, the paper notes that frozen yogurt sales fell 15 percent last year.

So, apparently, the fro-yo foursome will have to fight it out. Who will remain? Who will smolder out like a half-smoked clove cigarette? And do we have to put on our Hammer pants and beg to get some good restaurants there instead? We’ll totally do it.

The Big Chill [Herald]

Does Newbury Street Think It’s 1994?