Did Taco Bell Turn the ‘Beaver Boys’ Into ‘Shrimp Crashers’?

In the new ads for Taco Bell’s Pacific shrimp tacos, a couple of guys crash parties “for the shrimp.” They’re not the first white-wearing crustacean-cravers we’ve seen, and hardly the funniest. Before the Shrimp Crashers, there were the Beaver Boys, the hard-partying bros from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! who down shrimp and white wine to the point of sickness. Check them out below and ask yourself (just like YouTube commenters have) whether Taco Bell stole Tim and Eric’s act (right down to the drum-and-bass-y soundtrack!) instead of just hiring them to do a commercial like Absolut did. But be warned: The effects of shrimp and white wine on the Beaver Boys are not pretty.

Shrimp Crashers:

Beaver Boys:

Did Taco Bell Turn the ‘Beaver Boys’ Into ‘Shrimp