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Despite Dismal Performance LCB Plans to Roll Out More Wine Kiosks

Welcome to Wal-Mart!
Welcome to Wal-Mart! Photo: Coutesy PLCB

Surely the LCB wants to fail. What other explanation could there be for the budget besieged booze bureau’s attempt to bring its faulty self-serve wine kiosks back on line just as it’s trying to convince fiscally fixated lawmakers in Harrisburg to spare it from an epic sell off? Let’s face it, critics who labeled the program the “worst idea ever” last year were right. The kiosks have proved only to be a catastrophe. Even LCB’s chairman P.J. Stapleton admits that since firing some of the units back up after pulling the plug on them in December, their approval rating has tanked.

Yet in spite of their dismal failure and while budget hawks circle above the bloated booze board, sizing it up for a cash-out, the LCB is gearing up to expand the program! In months to come it plans to roll out 24 more kiosks at Wal-Mart stores scattered across the state. Maybe, if LCB rolls back the prices on its wine at these locations, it will have half a chance. If not, it’s likely to be game over for the kiosks and ultimately the LCB.
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Despite Dismal Performance LCB Plans to Roll Out More Wine Kiosks