Dapper Dog Is the Latest Victim in the City’s War on Food Trucks

Stephen Starr at last year's Vendy awards.
Stephen Starr at last year’s Vendy awards. Photo: Marisa McClellan

If Saturday night’s brouhaha between the Dapper Dog cart and local authorities has shown us anything, it’s clearly that the city is not backing off its war on food trucks and carts. As Foobooz points out, the Dapper Dog dudes have been slinging weenies on the corner of 2nd and Poplar in NoLibs for the past year, without incident. But just after midnight on Saturday, Philly’s finest rolled up on the cart to inform the owners that they were violating the law by operating after 12 a.m. In the post, Dapper Dog’s owners suggest that Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos, which has been on the late night prowl on North 2nd Street in recent weeks, is drawing the heat, and potentially ruining their hot dog Shangri-la.

No doubt, this is a huge bummer for the Dapper dudes, Garces and any drunk and stumbling bar-hoppers looking for munchies in the wee hours. But fact of the matter is, the double-d cart was operating in violation of street vending rules. Philly’s laws prohibit street vending between midnight and 7 a.m. Let this be a lesson: Simply because you are not getting busted for something does not mean that it isn’t illegal.
Late Night Gotcha for Food Vendors [Foobooz]

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Dapper Dog Is the Latest Victim in the City’s War on Food Trucks