Craigie On Main’s Restaurant Week Alternative

Tony Maws
Tony Maws Photo: Flickr

We’re only four days in, but if you already have the Restaurant Week blues, Tony Maws, of Craigie on Main, may have just the cure. He’s offering four- or six-course prix fixe “Chef’s Whim” tasting menus, for $40 and $55, respectively. Expect the spontaneous, unusual and a chance to actually sample Maws’ inventive creations.

On his website Maws says “we’re not knocking Restaurant Week” but then goes on to explain the inspiration behind the special menus: “We know many Boston diners are looking for bargains and a chance to sample cuisine that perhaps they can’t normally afford, but we’re not comfortable offering lower cost and lower quality ingredients as part of a bargain price.“ Okay then!

But don’t make that 8 o’clock reservation just yet, deal-seekers: the special menus will be available after 9 p.m, Tuesday through Friday, as well as Sundays, this week and next.

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Craigie On Main’s Restaurant Week Alternative