Craft’s Chefs Go On The Lamb

Whats the matter? Craft got your tongue?
Whats the matter? Craft got your tongue? Photo: A Roger Davies via Flickr

Craft’s new chef de cuisine John Keenan and long-loved pastry chef Shannon Swindle are planning an five-course dinner of lamb on March 29th. Titled “For the Love of Lamb,” the chefs are using a pasture-raised, broccoli, alfalfa, and rye grass-fed Ellensburg lamb from a network of Northern Pacific co-ops for dishes like lamb tongue with chickpeas, mache, and ramp vinaigrette, German goetta, lamb tortellini with nettle, and a plate of saddle, belly, sausage, and rib. Keenan will be on-hand to discuss each dish and wines can be paired for an extra $45. Check out the five-course menu below and make reservations for the $85 dinner with Anna Morini at 424-204-7485.

March 29th at Craft Century City


1st course

Chickpea, Mache and Ramp Vinaigrette

2nd Course

Farm Egg, Baby Tatsoi and Fresno Pepper

3rd Course
Green Garlic, Stinging Nettle and Olive

4th Course
(for the table)

Saddle, Belly, Sausage and Rib
Swiss Chard, Morels and Fava Beans

5th Course

Goat Cheese Parfait
Rhubarb, Strawberry Sorbet & Candied Walnut

Craft’s Chefs Go On The Lamb