Could Things Get Any Worse for the Upper Crust?

Photo: Marcel Moreau/Flickr

It’s hard to believe they could. Yesterday the Globe reported that the scandal-swamped pizza chain is now being investigated for harboring and exploiting illegal immigrant workers. Add that to a list of sins that includes death threats, minimum-wage violations, and selling often undercooked pizza. More ahead.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is supposedly conducting the inquiry, which comes hot on the heels of a Department of Labor investigation into Upper Crust’s wage practices, reports the Globe. According to the story, officials are “looking at how the employees got here, whether Upper Crust is giving them housing.” (In fairness, we should point out that ICE refused to confirm or deny participation to the Globe, but workers say it’s on.)

All this bad p.r. is taking a toll: Sales declined by almost 20 percent in December, reports the Globe. Still, that didn’t stop Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Hendricks from munching slices a couple weeks ago while filming on Boston Common. Have you chosen to boycott Upper Crust?

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Could Things Get Any Worse for the Upper Crust?