Coffee Drinkers Unfazed by Wawa’s Price Hike; Moderate Drinking May Prevent Dementia

• Despite price hikes last week that increased the cost of a cup of coffee at Wawa, local coffee drinkers show few signs of scaling back consumption. [Times Herald]

• The attorney for a West Chester man who was arrested for throwing a slice of pizza at a moving car argues that charges against his client should be dismissed because a slice of pizza is not a missile within the context of the law. [Daily Local]

• The next time you see Grannie, be sure to pour her a drink: A German study suggests light to moderate alcohol consumption can protect against dementia even in the 75-plus crowd. [Wine Spectator]

• A fraternity hazing ritual sent a University of Virginia student to the hospital when he had to eat “dog food, matzo balls, gefilte fish, and soy sauce.” We feel ill just reading about that. [Fox News]

• Movie theaters are seeking exemption from calorie-labeling laws for chain restaurants. Nice try, guys … [NACS]

• High-school heroes: Two 15-year-old girls got Kellogg’s to pledge that it will try to limit deforestation caused by the palm oil it uses in products like Frosted Flakes and Girl Scout Cookies. [Grist]

• In Japan, “grocery store shelves have been stripped bare, as wary residents brace for the threat of a nuclear disaster at quake-damaged power plants to the north.” [St. Catharines Standard]

Coffee Drinkers Unfazed by Wawa’s Price Hike; Moderate Drinking May