CB3 Tries to Kill the Music at Former Mo Pitkins, But Restaurants Keep on Rocking in the Free World

Photo: Courtesy of Guitar Aficionado

Phil Hartman and Todd Patrick are facing a hurdle in their plan to bring a Mexican restaurant and live-music venue to the old Mo Pitkins space. According to Eater and EV Grieve, Community Board 3’s SLA licensing committee voted not to support their bid for liquor. Come on, CB3, everyone loves it when food and music come together! If you don’t believe us, look at the dining-room playlists we collected a while back, or check out today’s Post piece about restaurants like the Spotted Pig, Lure Fishbar, and Colicchio & Sons that have rocking playlists: “The demographics have changed a bit since I started in this business,” Colicchio explains. “It used to be if you were playing music, it was probably jazz. [Today] the average person coming in grew up with rock ’n’ roll.”

Need still more proof? Well, rocker and party animal Andrew WK recently told Eater about his favorite eats (as if you didn’t hear enough about that when he shared his New York Diet), and today that site launched a Sound Bites column, wherein Michael Laiskonis of Le Bernardin prepares a dish to the sweet strands of emo rock. Now get with the Todd P program, CB3: We want to see Thurston Moore take an electric egg beater to a Fender Mustang.

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CB3 Tries to Kill the Music at Former Mo Pitkins, But Restaurants Keep on