St. Patrick's Day

Casey’s Soaks You in Green Beer and Gets You Home for The Holiday

You gotta give it up to Casey’s Irish Bar. Not only is it the kind of shady, subterranean, drink-in-the-daytime pub that every major metropolis’ Downtown should have, it is also planning the kind of green beer-fueled, drunk-on-the-streets-and-dancing St. Patrick’s Day celebration that every real city should probably also have. On March 17th, Casey’s will open at 6:00 A.M. for everyone who wants to drink green beer, Guinness, and Jameson-spiked coffee before breakfast, but can’t bear to do it alone. Then the bar is closing off Grand Avenue for the morning for a block party, complete with LAPD’s Emerald Society Pipe and Drum Band, DJs, and a lunchtime concert by The Young Dubliners. What’s to follow?

At that point, like some sort of Irish wake, all the soused souls will follow a bagpiper back to Casey’s for, you guessed it, more drinking, plus tunes from a feckin’ U2 cover-band, who will play With or Without You, without threatening the beauty of Malibu’s bluffs with their plans for a complex of mansions.

The whole shebang takes place until midnight for those still standing after the promo give-aways by a gaggle of Guinness and Jameson girls, layers of green beads, potential debauchery, and maybe a lost tooth or two. Gaining a little extra credit, Casey’s will also be running a taxi stand outside to get you home with a street team of people with better judgment than you (we hope). So what if the Guinness won’t be as good as it is in Ireland, it still probably beats green beer.

See the full line-up of bands and events planned for March 17th on Casey’s Facebook page.

Casey’s Irish Bar, 613 S. Grand Ave. Downtown. 213-629-2353.

Casey’s Soaks You in Green Beer and Gets You Home for The Holiday