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Caribbean Restaurant, Temptations, Loses Liquor License Owing to ‘Violence and Mayhem’

Photo: Metromix

Temptations, a Flatbush West Indian restaurant that doubles as “one of the hottest places in town to party” and “one of Brooklyn’s best Caribbean clubs,” has had its liquor license suspended by the State Liquor Authority. A Metromix review noted that the club’s parties go till 7 a.m., something that didn’t elude the notice of undercover investigators. Here’s the meat of the SLA’s press release citing “mayhem” in the form of “continuing violence and disorder at the premises including assaults on patrons by security staff [with tasers!], numerous other fights, alleged drug activity and sale of alcohol afterhours.”

New York City Police Department (NYPD) reports detail eight violent assaults occurring at bar over the past 15 months, including an incident where the bar’s own bouncers threw three men down a flight of stairs out onto the sidewalk, where they then proceeded to kick, punch and even taser the victims. Other episodes include a bouncer being shot in front of the licensed premises, a patron being slashed with broken glass, and two separate occasions where women were accosted and then beaten inside the premises. NYPD undercover officers were also able to purchase alcohol after 4 a.m. on five separate occasions as well as purchase marijuana at the club.
Caribbean Restaurant, Temptations, Loses Liquor License Owing to ‘Violence