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BreadBar Trying to Get Hatchi’s Motor Running Again

BreadBar Century City’s Hatchi Series unfortunately sort of flamed out after Test Kitchen started racking up diners with a more star-packed version of the series. In a new effort to retake the pop-up playing-field, BreadBar is turning to the played-out popularity of food trucks to get the motor running again. At first, it all sounds a little desperate, as food trucks were a more widespread and short-lived trend than the legs on which pop-ups still stand. But at the very least, BreadBar and chef Nori are adding a twist to its “Hatchi Truck Stop” series, which launched March 31st.

Instead of inviting a random mess of food trucks and hoping people come to check it out like so many lame-brained street eat festivals, BreadBar is handing food truck operators the keys to its kitchen, inviting the truckin’ chefs to step away from life on the road and cook a more expanded selection that riffs on its foundations. The chefs, taking a page from Hatchi past, will cook eight dishes and charge eight dollars for each (with a minimum of four dishes required for every diner), while another ragingly popular trend, craft beer, will also be employed.

First up is Grill ‘Em All on March 31st, who veer from burgers for a few new signature creations. Among these will be meatballs with bacon, BBQ sauce, smoked cheddar, and Funyuns, a duck confit poutine with cheese curds and rosemary, a cheese soup that uses Molson beer, lardons, and bacon vinaigrette, a pierogi stuffed with foie gras and fig, and peanut butter and jelly done three ways (as ravioli, canapes, and a shot). The chefs have a partner in Lost Coast, who will pair each dish with the option to indulge in one of its NorCal micro-brews.

Throwing another element of trendiness in that will draw the line between the young, hip diners flocking to the food truck dinners and the more sophisticated chef-heads searching high and low for the next version of Test Kitchen, BreadBar is offering early warning notifications to those who “like it” on Facebook, so you can get a table before your mustachioed, funny t-shirt wearing neighbor.

To make reservations for BreadBar’s first Hatchi Truck Stop dinner, call 310-277-3770. Each month, the series will host a new truck on the last Thursday of every month. Take a look below for the full planned schedule through November.

Hatchi Truck Stop’s Future Featured Trucks

Great Balls on Tires | Thursday, April 28

Rokyo Gourmet Ramen Truck | Thursday, May 26

Dim Sum Truck | Thursday, June 30

Frysmith | Thursday, July 28

Gastrobus | Thursday, August 25

No Tomatoes! | Thursday, September 29

Papa’s Tapas | Thursday, November 17

BreadBar Trying to Get Hatchi’s Motor Running Again