Boston’s Cocktail Scene Gets Spiked

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Sure, today we’ll sip cheap beer, but come next week we’ll be ready for a fine mixed drink or two. Which is why we’re happy to note that Brother Cleve has reappeared on the Boston cocktail scene to launch a new weekly series called “Drink This” at Kendall Square’s Think Tank. The Globe checked in with the Zelig-like musician-DJ-mixologist. More ahead.

Cleve is widely credited with reviving Boston’s cocktail culture in the 1990s: For years he bartended at the late, lamented B-Side Lounge, and noted libationeers like Drink’s Misty Kalkofen and Island Creek Oyster Bar’s Jackson Cannon consider him a huge influence. His scrupulousness is legendary, not surprising for a guy who got his start catering mob functions, per his profile on Drink Boston.

A bout with TB took him out of the scene for a few years. (Insultingly, his medication made drinking a no-no.) But according to the Globe, every Monday he’ll return to whip up classic and original cocktails from his “vast library of recipes” at Think Tank; better still, he’ll pair his concoctions with music. (Get out your finest velour leisure suit, because a disco-themed event is next.)

For those of us who continue to seek out well-crafted cocktails at the same few places (or, fine, just at Drink), the new Think Tank gig is a welcome development. Even if we have to wear bell-bottoms to enjoy it.

Mixing Music and Cocktails


Boston’s Cocktail Scene Gets Spiked