Bostonians Take to Aussie Food … With A Little Help

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Today’s Globe pays a visit to Sam Jackson, the perky proprietor of KO Catering and Pies. For those who have yet to tuck into one of his crusty, juicy meat pies (and are still completely baffled by the entire concept of Australian food), he offers some tips.

First of all, there’s the whole issue of Vegemite. This isn’t just something you smear atop a carb willy-nilly. Instead, one should employ “great crusty fresh bread” or toast. “The key is a little butter to lube up the bread or toast first, so you don’t have that thick sludge of Vegemite on it,” he advises.

He also says that Bostonians haven’t quite caught on to the fact that it’s possible to chow down on a meat pie sans knife and fork. The proper way is to tear into ‘em with your paws—ain’t no shame in it—but it’s taken some convincing. “It was a tough sell at first because we want people to really enjoy the pies the way we eat them back home. But at the same time you don’t want to patronize them,” he recalls. So basically, you can use a knife and fork if you must, but you’ll look like a buttoned-up fool. So get dirty!

And finally, “brekky” means breakfast, you humorless sobs! “It’s amazing how many people ask what that is,” Jackson tells the paper. “Growing up in Aussie with our shortening of virtually every word in the English language you foolishly think everyone will understand that.” So come on, Bostonians, loosen up! And slather on that Vegemite with abandon!

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Bostonians Take to Aussie Food … With A Little Help