B.U. Takes Red Meat and Pork Off the Menu, Once Every Month

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Boston University is launching “Make a Difference Mondays”, a once-a-month effort to cut dining-hall expenses create a smaller carbon footprint and encourage more sustainable, healthy eating. The university is cutting red meat and pork from its menus in favor of sustainable fish, poultry and other non-meat proteins, reports The Daily Free Press.

The BU venture is a clear spin-off of Meatless Monday, the national movement meant to encourage everyone everywhere to forgo meat once a week. Even chef and meat lover Mario Batali promotes Meatless Monday at each of his restaurants by offering additional veggie options on his menus.

College students may have a hard time giving up the gluttony of late-night burgers, lunchtime meat-filled sandwiches, and even bacon from the breakfast buffet, but we’re certain it’s a small price to pay. Especially since the coeds are still in that phase of life where someone else (dining services) is tasked with preparing all of their meals.

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B.U. Takes Red Meat and Pork Off the Menu, Once Every Month