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Bistronomics Is Back To Play With Your Food

Chef Alex Ageneau
Chef Alex Ageneau Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Last month, Wazuzu’s Jet Tila launched Bistronomics at BreadBar, a pop-up with chef Alex Ageneau that found Tila hosting while Ageneau cooked a market-intensive mash-up of European technique and global flavors. Bistronomics is coming back in April, this time for two nights under the theme “Play with Your Food.” This means utensils will be optional for spring-showcasing dishes like foie gras butter with radishes, rhubarb marmalade, and toasted bread powder and Japanese-accented charred asparagus with bonito flakes and rice espuma. There will be two nights to indulge in the $65 pre-fixe menu, both with two separate seatings, with reservations for the April 17th and 18th dinners at 310-205-0124. See the full menu below.

Bistronomics 2.0
at BreadBar
April 17th and 18th
Two nightly seatings


foie gras / rhubarb / bread
raw radishes, foie gras butter, rhubarb marmalade and toasted bread powder.

asparagus / rice / bonito
charred green asparagus, asparagus coulis, rice espuma and bonito flakes.

brandade / zucchini / mussels
croquettes of cod brandade, zucchini puree, mussels ”au four “

lamb / kumquat / carrot confit
grilled lamb chops marinated with cumin and sumac, kumquat yogurt , carrot confit with ginger and saffron.

strawberry / chocolate / chantilly cream
marinated strawberries , chocolate cake , and chantilly cream

Bistronomics Is Back To Play With Your Food