Benu Cart’s Short-Rib Burrito Deemed ‘Worth Its Weight in Gold’

Photo: Carina Ost/SFoodie

The street-food cart we alerted you to that’s being run by two guys from the Benu kitchen, Luis and Julio, Benu’s butcher and commis, is still making appearances late on Saturday nights/early Sunday at Howard and Hawthorne. They’re making beef and chicken burritos using leftover product (read: excellent shit) from the Benu kitchen which would otherwise go to waste since the restaurant’s closed Sunday and Monday, and selling them for eight dollars. As SFoodie’s Carina Ost reports, drunk in a cab this past Saturday night, that short-rib burrito did more than hit the spot. “The massive cylinder wrapped in foil and jammed into a brown paper bag was worth its weight in gold. The meat was melt-in-our-mouth tender, with a soy-based seasoning that made us think of galbi… It was unusually good.” Note, Luis and Julio might not be there if it’s raining.

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Benu Cart’s Short-Rib Burrito Deemed ‘Worth Its Weight in