Bay State Lacks Grocery Stores With Fresh Produce

Photo: istockphoto

Sad but true, the Globe reports that Massachusetts ranks third to last in the country when it comes to having enough grocery stores where residents can buy fresh produce, and healthy food. (No, Corner stores and bodegas don’t count in the tally.)

The shortage is especially pronounced in urban areas, where residents often have to take multiple buses just to buy the makings of a salad. The study, conducted by the non-profit Food Trust, reveals that many towns and cities, such as Lowell and Fitchburg, would need to double the number of supermarkets in order to be on par with national averages. Places including Boston, Springfield and Brockton have 30 percent fewer grocers per person than elsewhere in the country.

Governor Deval Patrick’s administration is already promising to look at ways to lure more grocery stores into areas that are currently lacking. And to think, Jamaica Plain residents are actually upset about getting a Whole Foods. Maybe this news will make them change their tune?

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Bay State Lacks Grocery Stores With Fresh Produce