An Unintended Tongue Piercing at Chili’s; Super Squabs

• A woman eating ribs at Chili’s bit into a two-inch-long sewing needle, which pierced her tongue; now she’s suing the restaurant chain. Our question: Who sews at Chili’s? [Seattle PI]

• Pepsi has a new plant-based bottle that incorporates pine bark and corn husks. To compete, Coke is developing cans made of grass clippings and used Christmas trees. (Kidding on that last part.) [USAT]

• Did you know pigeons have milk? Well, they do, and it’s a “wonder food” for squab (which we thought were the same thing as pigeons?), who can double in size in 48 hours. [squabblog]

• Big food companies like General Mills and Cargill are devoting resources to help modernize in the food system in Africa. [WSJ]

• Props to Jamba Juice for jumping on the health train with veggie-containing smoothies, but why do all of them include lettuce? Ew. [NRN]

• People who use the AeroPress coffee-brewing system are really, really into it! [LAT]

An Unintended Tongue Piercing at Chili’s; Super Squabs