Alto, Convivio Closed for Good

Arrivederci, Alto, and Convivio.
Arrivederci, Alto, and Convivio. Photo: Mark Peterson, Hannah Whitaker

On Friday, Eater reported that Alto and Convivio, which you’ll recall were Chris Cannon’s spoils in his split from Michael White, were shuttered for the day; later, the update came that both restaurants had abruptly closed for good. Now Diner’s Journal has a statement from Cannon’s law firm that attributes the closures to “unforeseen circumstances.”

According to the Eater post, there’s speculation the shutters might have something to do with the labor lawsuit filed against Alto last summer. Watch this space for updates about that. Meanwhile, it’s a shame to know that pastry whiz Heather Bertinetti is now unemployed, though Grub Street bets she’ll land on her feet. At the very least, we hear doughnuts are big business right now.

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“Unforeseen Business Circumstances” Blamed for Alto and Convivio’s Closings [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Alto, Convivio Closed for Good