Albert Trummer Says Apotheke’s Drinks May Cause ‘Untoward Effects’

Photo: Melissa Hom

After months of waiting for his falling out with Apotheke to come to a resolution, Albert Trummer tells us the mediation process is nearing an end and he should be able to open Theater Bar, complete with its magician bartenders and underground VIP passageway, in the first week of April. But that doesn’t mean he’s put Apotheke completely out of his mind. He sends us a letter he’s secured from David Pompei, a pharmacist who helped him with Apotheke’s cocktail list.

Trummer says it isn’t so much a cease and desist letter as it is a warning to Apotheke’s patrons. “I had a couple of visits there,” he says, “and they have nobody on hand to really control the substances.” And he’s worried about that: “For instance, cloves are really good but if you use too much it can slow your heart. I wouldn’t say it would cause an immediate reaction, but if you have a lot it could cause health problems.” Trummer says he’s seen other bartenders around town loading drinks with ingredients like hibiscus and it worries him: “Someone comes and takes a cocktail class for two weeks and thinks they can be a mixologist. It’s the same with sushi chefs — everyone does the sushi course and all of a sudden they’re cutting blowfish.” Trummer goes on: “If you have a high substance of botanicals in there it could really create a level of dizziness. This is not like a martini where the juice is soaking up the alcohol — botanicals could really cause a health problem.” In fact, he says he thinks they should be regulated! Here’s the letter from Trummer’s medicine man.

This memo is to clarify that Albert Trummer shall maintain proprietary control over the compounds, both formulas and extracts, which he has developed. Their formulation and preparation are a result of his experience in product development and my consultation and review. Said compounds are not to be prepared or dispensed by any other individual, as use may result in misformulation or untoward effects.

David Pompei, PharmD, RPh Clinical Pharmacist and Research Consultant Apotek Pompei, LLC

But when we passed this along to Apotheke partner Heather Tierney, she had this to say: “I don’t know what the pharmacist … is referring to. I’ve never heard of him before or spoken to him before. All drink recipes served in Apotheke are property of Apotheke.”

Albert Trummer Says Apotheke’s Drinks May Cause ‘Untoward