The Other Critics

Dandelion Is “Pretty Good”; Le Pain Quotidien Disappoints

• Adam Erace reports the Dandelion is “a pretty good restaurant,” with a LaFrieda strip steak “worthy of Barclay Prime,” “perfectly cooked” fish and chips and a “diligent” staff that “never even allowed the water glasses to get pessimistic” after recognizing him as a restaurant critic. [Citypaper]

• In place of a traditional restaurant review, this week Brian Freedman surveys the city’s cocktail beat with stops at the Franklin, Southwark and Village Whiskey. [PW]

Le Pain Quotidien disappoints Phyllis Stein-Novack with “thin and watery” white bean soup and a apple almond tart that “lacks of flavor and texture.” [South Philly Review]

• Soup Mang Tay Cua at Le Viet delights with “plenty of crab meat” and “dainty little boiled quail eggs,” while the “mixture of clams and beef in a sweet and savory sauce piled in a crispy rice cracker” was “even tastier.” [Midtown Lunch]

Dandelion Is “Pretty Good”; Le Pain Quotidien Disappoints