A Church Cookbook Roy Choi Could Love

It’s become a little bit of a thing recently to unveil one’s restaurant plans with the intriguing promise to explore why Angelenos eat what they eat. Not taking anything away from the artistic ambitions of John Sedlar, Roy Choi, or Jose Prado, but it sounds as though a church in Torrance is doing just that with their new cookbook.

Today The L.A. Times introduces us to a new tome of 400 recipes from members of The First United Methodist Church in Torrance. Called Hallelujah, Let’s Eat, the $15 book intends to “reflect our diversity,” which apparently includes details on how to make Pacific Islander, Irish, Mexican, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino dishes, among recipes from many other cultures (including the strange world of vegans).

It might not bring you eternal salvation, but it should give you a deeper look into just how many cultures form this South Bay city and influence Los Angeles along the way. Find the book being sold online and who knows, maybe you could start a self-reflecting restaurant of your very own.

Hallelujah, a church cookbook from Torrance [LAT]

A Church Cookbook Roy Choi Could Love