Will Gilson’s Good to His Mama

Helping your mom: We give it a thumbs-up!
Helping your mom: We give it a thumbs-up! Photo: BostonChefs

As if we needed one more reason to endorse pop-up prince Will Gilson, he who struts about in barnyard attire and longs to host dinners in hair salons. According to his new blog, Band of Chefs, his next charity cooking endeavor will benefit someone really important: his mom.

Jodie Gilson, an herb expert (and a strong culinary influence on Will), has lost an array of greenhouses under the weight of some 243,846 inches of snow (we’re estimating), and insurance won’t cover it. He’s now approaching his fans and the non-profits he’s cooked for to help him with a new charity event to help his mom rebuild her damaged goods.

“I’m asking you to open your minds and your hearts and help me help someone very close to me,” he writes. “Many of us have been harshly affected by the recent storms, however my complaints of little parking and sore shoveling muscles are entirely petty compared to the pain, loss and devastation that my mom is dealing with.”

To read more of his plea, click here.

A Call for Help [Band of Chefs]

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Will Gilson’s Good to His Mama