White Castle Weddings; ‘Texaco-Mex’ Cuisine Crops Up

• Perhaps those McDonald’s wedding packages in Hong Kong inspired these two Nashville couples, who married amid the hamburger fumes of a White Castle. [News Channel 5]

• Food-trend alert! “Texaco-Mex” cuisine, tacos served at gas stations, is popular around the country. [WSJ]

• Quieting down upset kids with candy or sweets has been shown to be linked to adult food issues. Looks like bread-and-water suppers might not be such a terrible idea! [Daily Mail UK]

• Turns out Mayor Bloomberg’s fast-food calorie-count posting has a small effect on a small number of diners, which could lead to small weight losses for these people over time. [NYDN]

• In case you’ve been dying to make the fish tacos shown in I Love You, Man, there’s a website that re-creates movie recipes. [NYDN]

• Don’t mess with New Mexico: If a new chile-advertising bill passes, it will be illegal to mislabel chiles produced out of state as homegrown. [NYT]

White Castle Weddings; ‘Texaco-Mex’ Cuisine Crops Up