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Where to Score Some Pre-Kickoff Takeout for the Super Bowl

We’re more fans of Super Bowl party food here at Grub Street, and the occasional incendiary commercial, than we are of the game itself. So with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of where to find the best takeaway grub for your home gathering. Also, we previously noted that Public House is taking reservations if you want to be literally surrounded by televised football on 25 big flat-screen TVs while eating a burger or Mijita taco; and so is Rouge, where you can reserve a booth and chow down on Nick’s Crispy Tacos all day to your heart’s content. But assuming you’re staying home, see our takeout tips below.

The Sandwich Route

Tony’s Coal-Fired Pizza And Slice House
- If you were wondering where the best place to find an enormous meatball sub for ten might be, look no further. You need to place an order by 10 a.m. on game day, and it’s $35. Also, you might want to mix things up with a Romana pizza by the meter, or a chicken parm.

Giordano Brothers - Steelers fans in town probably already know that Giordano Brothers is the go-to spot for Pittsburgh-style, french-fry stuffed sandwiches, so expect a crowd in there on Sunday. We’re big fans of the hot capicola, but take your pick.

Little Luca (South San Francisco) - This will require a drive, but the selection is pretty big. We like the fire-roasted steak ceasar, but you can’t really go wrong. Also, you can order by fax, if you actually have a fax machine.

Local: Mission Eatery - Yes, they’re doing a pickling class there on Game Day, but you can still drop in early and pick up a bunch of Jake DesVoignes mean Corned Beef Tongue sandwiches, or something equally good.

Orson - For eat-in or takeout, chef Elizabeth Falkner is offering up fried cheese curds and brats for Green Bay fans, and stuffed cabbage and open-face roast turkey sandwiches for Steelers fans. Also there’s the usual pizza, burgers, duck fat fries, etc., and a jazz band will be playing ‘til 3 p.m. and they’ll be showing the game on the big screen. [via Tablehopper]

Rhea’s Deli and Market - One of our favorite delis in the city, buried inside a liquor store, and on a good day they’ll put Ike’s to shame. We’re fans of the Van Ness Street and the Chicken Katsu, but you can see a whole menu here.

Also, this is only to-go if you, like, go and buy the ingredients and stuff and take them to-go from the grocery store, but local chef Loretta Keller of Coco500 created “the ultimate Super Bowl sandwich” for the Wall Street Journal, and it involves braised short ribs.

The BBQ Route

4505 Meats
- If you’re wanting to do your own grilling, Ryan Farr is offering up a Super Bowl Bounty, ready for Saturday pickup, which includes bone-in ribeyes, and porterhouses, which come with a party-sized bag of chicharrones.

Cathead’s BBQ - These guys are new, but they’re already gaining fans as a pop-up at the Corner, and they do offering catering. Call them… they might even deliver.

Maverick’s BBQ
- If you’re, like, actually throwing a big party, you may want to try these guys. They’re a catering company based in the East Bay and they do wood-fired tri-tip on site!

Memphis Minnie’s - Haight denizens and others should be reminded that Memphis Minnie’s delivers! And in addition to brisket, sausage, and smoked chicken options, you’ve got burgers and sandwiches to choose from too.

The Rib Whip - You call these guys for ribs, obviously, but they’re also doing whole briskets on game day. Email them here.

Where to Score Some Pre-Kickoff Takeout for the Super Bowl