Where to Get Your Deep Dish Fix

Doesn't this sound perfect right now?
Doesn’t this sound perfect right now? Photo: scaredykat/Flickr

If there is one dish that makes sense when it dips below 10 degrees (it’s coming!) it’s deep dish pizza. As Daniel Zemans so eloquently pointed out on Serious Eats, there is a reason deep dish was invented here and not in, say, Naples. Of course, with the blizzard still raging outside, we have immediately started to crave the thickest pizza possible. We believe It is our right as Chicagoans. What isn’t our right is making people travel through unsafe conditions to make that pizza for us. So we completely understand that some purveyors have decided to close. But here’s a deep dish roundup, so you at least know your options.

Pizzeria Uno - Open
“We’ll be open all night.”

Giordano’s - Some Locations are Open
We were advised to call our location branch to see if it was open. We noticed on Twitter that the Giordanos Jackson and Giordanos Prudential Plaza were open.

Gino’s East - Open
We called the original location at 162 East Superior Street.

Lou Malnati’s - Closed
“All locations will remain CLOSED today due to the snow. As we said before, our employees’ safety is our primary concern and we do not want them traveling in these conditions. We hope to see you tomorrow after we’ve all dug ourselves out!”

Pizano’s - Not Picking Up Phone

Art of Pizza - Not Picking Up Phone

My Pie - Not Picking Up Phone

Where to Get Your Deep Dish Fix