Where to Get Shots of Horse Semen; SoCal Food Prices Hit Two-Year High

• Holy horse semen! Yep, flavored shots of the stuff will be on offer at an upcoming New Zealand food festival. [AsiaOne]

• Food prices in Southern California are the highest they’ve been in two years. [OC Register]

• The New York Times tells you where to eat offal and drink like a bootlegger in Downtown. [NYT]

• Today’s trendy new cocktail movement is as much for the ladies as it is for the fellas. [LAT]

• Johnny Rockets has launched a sports lounge at Universal City Walk. [PR Newswire]

• In case you ever need to eat weeds, Nance Klehm will show you how to identify and eat the right ones this weekend in Downtown. [LA Downtown News]

• A little late in the game, sure, but nonetheless USC students are getting all excited about Nickel Diner’s maple bacon donut. [Daily Trojan]

• Some college dining halls have eliminated trays, and that’s reduced food waste astoundingly. Probably helps with the old freshman fifteen, too. [WP]

• Today in food-inflation news: China’s ministry of commerce released a plan to keep staple supplies steady in order to minimize price swings; meanwhile, higher food commodity prices in Nigeria have contributed to that country’s inflation rate rising to 12.1 percent. [WSJ, AllAfrica]

• But don’t worry, Nestle, the world’s largest food company, saw its profits triple in 2010. [MarketWatch]

• Consumers around the nation are getting more and more into “exotic” cuisines like Japanese and Thai! Some people are even going so far as to order things like the sweet Thai chili garlic sauce at Boston Market! [NRN]

Where to Get Shots of Horse Semen; SoCal Food Prices Hit Two-Year High