Where Kobe Bryant Ate in High School; Where to Get a Huizar Roll

• Kobe Bryant admits he spent a lot of his senior year in high school taking breaks to eat McDonald’s and Taco Bell. [MTV]

• Mia Sushi in Eagle Rock, owned by Rudy Martinez, still has a sushi roll named for his former friend and current political rival, Jose Huizar. [L.A. Downtown News]

• Turmeric and curries that use the spice could be helpful in fighting strokes. [Toronto Sun]

• More remains have been found in the Malibu mountains, leading some to believe they are those of Mitrice Richardson, who disappeared following her arrest at Geoffrey’s restaurant and subsequent release from a sheriff’s station. [Contra Costa Times]

• The opposite sex won’t give you cooties, but kissing someone who’s recently consumed an offending substance can trigger food allergies. [Opposing Views]

• After a scandal last month in which certain halal sausages in France were reported to contain pork, there’s a lot of confusion among that country’s Muslims about what constitutes halal, but no central body overseeing standards. [Time]

• Meanwhile thanks to drought in China, that country’s wheat crop is at risk, which could affect the staple’s global supply (and price). [Times of India]

• Better to switch to rice: The Philippines will import less rice than usual this year, which will likely cause the commodity’s already low global prices to fall further. [WSJ]

Where Kobe Bryant Ate in High School; Where to Get a Huizar Roll