Where Justin Bieber Eats Indian; Catering Truck Used to Smuggle Cocaine

• Justin Bieber says he loves the Indian food in London and calls it “the best,” proving that even when he’s right, he’s still kinda annoying. [Google/PA]

• A caterer’s food trolley was used to smuggle cocaine from a United Airlines airplane aboard a catering truck in Sydney. [SMH]

• The ever-delayed Rolling Stone restaurant is being pushed back a few months, but that Vulture Kebab Stand sounds pretty enticing. [NYMag]

• California state senator Michael Rubio is introducing legislation that limits the purchase of junk food with food stamps. He also argued against program that would allow homeless and disabled citizens to use food stamps at restaurants. [Bakersfield]

• San Bernardino is considering reversing its ban on food trucks in the interests of making money. You guys might want to jump on this bandwagon sooner rather than later. [PE]

• According to this writer, record-high food prices were part of the impetus for the uprising in Egypt. [Globe and Mail Canada]

• Here are some handy tips for competitive eating from Hong Kong’s “Eatcredibles,” among them: dunk your food in water, and “empty stomachs don’t stretch.” [SceneAsia/WSJ]

• The cold winter we’ve been having around the country has at least one upside: Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge region was able to produce ice wines this year. [MIX/Oregon Live]

• It seems reservation-scalping site Table Envy hasn’t cut into Open Table profits yet — the company’s fourth-quarter net income grew 65 percent. [Bloomberg]

Where Justin Bieber Eats Indian; Catering Truck Used to Smuggle Cocaine