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When Did All the Food People Get So Stylish?

Photo: Claudio Papapietro/Details

The fashion world has lately co-opted a lot from the food world. And, yes, lots of food personalities over the years have had a certain … panache, but we’d never consider people like Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, or Thomas Keller fashion-forward. But take a look at that picture. That one right there. It’s not a still from this season’s Band of Outsiders campaign. It’s from a Details story about Tyler Gray, the 33-year-old co-founder of Mikuni Wild Harvest, which supplies foraged produce like mushrooms to chefs such as Thomas Keller and David Chang. (Sounds like Chang’s got a whole army of foragers traipsing through the woods.) But so okay. Foraging: hot, apparently. (Is the sexy-butcher trend over already?) But Gray’s plaid toggle coat and tiny fedora aren’t the only things to make us think we should reconsider our wardrobe.

Today Eater sits down with Bon Appétit’s editor-in-chief (and New York Diet alum) Adam Rapoport for a one-on-one conversation about … fashion. Rapoport reminisces about his days as GQ’s style editor, back when he had to jet around Milan and Paris with all the other glamorous people. How exhausting it all must have been! (We’re obviously just totally jealous.) But he says that world is like the food world:

Both fields are things that people are passionate about but they are also intimidating. I love fashion and I get stressed out about what to wear and I try on five ties and my wife tells me I look like an idiot. I’m supposed to look good and it stresses me out.

It’s the same thing when friends come over for dinner. Having a dinner party can be an extremely taxing and stressful situation.

But you can really say that about anything that puts you on display — fashion is a lot like coaching high-school basketball because it’s stressful not knowing if you’ll be able to win — so we’re not sure we’re buying it. We’ve trussed plenty of chickens in our lives, and we can’t imagine it’s all that similar to getting your pocket square just so before heading out to the Yigal Azrouël show.

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When Did All the Food People Get So Stylish?