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What’s On Tap Besides Big Bucks?

Photo: Collin Keefe

Yeah yeah, we already know that the craft beer industry is booming, and we’re thrilled to learn that this growth is keeping good folks employed and creating new opportunities for youngsters just entering the work force, like Yards Brewing Co.,’s assistant brewer that the Inquirer wrote about today. But what we found more interesting in the piece was the new details about the Grainery, the forthcoming Center City restaurant and bar from the Fork & Barrel people. As mentioned earlier, the new project will have it’s own small brewing operation, headed up by former Bullfrog Brewery brewer Terry Hawbaker.

Hawbraker was lured to the job by the city’s “unique and diverse brewing atmosphere,” which the brewer says is more conducive to the types of beers he’s interested in making. Those beers he describes as “true European farmhouse ales using native spices and herbs.”

Also mentioned are Forest & Main, a tiny brewery and restaurant coming soon to suburban Ambler, and American Sardine Bar, the soon to open Point Breeze bar from South Philly Tap Room’s John Longacre.

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What’s On Tap Besides Big Bucks?