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What’s Next for Perennial?

Who will take over?
Who will take over? Photo: courtesy of Perennial

Last night Eater dropped the bombshell that Ryan Poli was going to leave Perennial for Tavernita. Considering Poli’s interest in Spanish cuisine, the move made sense, even if it was surprisingly that he would leave such a popular Lincoln Park spot, especially one run by the Boka Restaurant Group. That company has been on quite a roll recently, and immediately co-owner, Kevin Boehm, let it be known that a “celebrity chef” was going to “take the restaurant to the next level.” So who could it be? With hindsight, we noticed that Boehm had been hinting that something big was about to happen.

Yesterday Boehm tweeted, “We have some big news on Wednesday. Big news.” He also tweeted a picture of David Chang’s Ma Peche, and asked, “Is it David Chang???” That, of course, would have been huge news. But he went on to write, “No….keep guessing!”

Time Out took that challenge to heart, and created a poll which featured such celebrity chefs as Charlie Trotter, Laurent Gras, Graham Elliot, Nate Appleman, and Julia Child. Though it defies all reality, Child is currently winning the poll. We have to admit that we’d line up to eat there.

Currently Boehm seems to be enjoying this process, writing late last night, “good things come to those who wait.”

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What’s Next for Perennial?